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Which type of soap is good for you to buy?

We can categorize soaps in different ways such as based on their ingredients or their form or based on haw they’re manufactured .In this article we would write about some types of soap so that you will have enough knowledge by which you can have a good choice when you want to buy soap.

We have:

  • Toilet soaps and bathing soaps
    • laundry soaps
    • beauty soaps
    • guest soaps
    • dish soaps
    • novelty soaps
    • medicated soaps


Medicated soaps are produced in a way that can treat skin problems. This kind of soaps have some special ingredients which can treat skin diseases such as  acne ,blackheads ,pimple ,rashes ,clogged pores ,fungal infection, bacterial infection. Medicated soaps are different based on their ingredients. By knowing their ingredient we can buy a convenient soaps which is helpful for our particular problem .There are many types of medicated soaps which all of them can be useful for treating skin problems.

 We will discuss some type of this soap below:

  • Antibacterial soaps

This kind of medicated soap is used to cure skins that have been affected by bacterial infections.


What are the ingredients of anti-bacterial soap?

The basic substances are the same with other kind of soap .Medicated soap has some extra ingredients which make this kind of soap suitable for curing skin problems. For example anti-bacterial soaps have triclosan which is alcohol, triclocarban ,  chloroxylenol, tetrasodium EDTA in their formula. Although this soap can help skin relieved from bacterial infection, but as there are many toes of bacteria disease, sometimes it can be helpful. The effectiveness of this soap is depending on what ingredient it contains.

Is the anti-bacterial soap really effective?

Some research by U.S. Food and Drug Administration has shown that using anti-bacterial soap can’t be helpful for reducing the risk of getting cold .The effectiveness of this soap is the same as ordinary soap. In fact there is some suspicion of the adverse effect of using anti-bacterial for skin health.FDA has issued some rule for using anti-bacterial ingredient not only in anti-bacterial soap but for any other cleaning products including liquid, foam, gel soaps and body washes, so they can’t be market any more. Because using this product for long period of time, not only can’t help skin be relieved from anti-bacterial infection but also will cause skin problems. Using this soap cannot be more effective than plain soap and water for preventing bacterial infection. Because of the final rule of FDA, some manufacturer started to remove these kinds of ingredients from their soap. By following some simple steps of washing hands with water and plain soap, you can prevent the spread of any kind of viruses in your home.

Are anti-bacterial ingredients harmful for environment?

Anti-bacterial soap contains triclosan which can be dangerous for environment. Triclosan can alter some hormones in animal’s body which can make them ill. Scientists don’t know the effect of triclosan for human body yet and more research is needed.



  • Antifungal soaps

This kind of soap contains some antifungal ingredients that can combat fungal infections in your skin. The ingredients are extracts from organic medicine plants, vitamin E, essential oils, natural glycerin, tea tree oil and zinc oxide. By using this soap any discomfort and symptoms that caused by fungal infections can be reduced.

  • Anti-acne

This soap is a help for those people who are suffering from acne and pimples. Anti-acne soap has some special substance for helping skin get rid of acne.soap


  • Anti-cellulite

Cellulite is dimpled skin that can happen in different areas of body like hips, thighs and buttocks because of deposition of fat. Using anti-cellulite soap can reduce this problem.

  • Anti-mosquito

When a mosquito stings you, it will cause a problem to your skin .Using anti-mosquito soap can treat skin from mosquito-infested areas.

  • Anti-aging

We have some soap that is categorized in medicated soaps but they have some effect on the beauty and appearance of skin too. You can use this kind of soap for cleaning your outer body as well as for slowing down the aging. By using these soaps; you will have a younger and fresher skin.


  • Sensitive skin soap

This kind of soap is suitable for sensitive skin. In fact, sensitive skin soap are so gentle to the skin and can maintain it properly.

  • Anti-itch soap

Whether you believe it or not, we have anti-itch soap too. This soap can help you relieve from itching.

  • Anti-chlorine

Anti-chlorine soap is good for those who swim, because it will protect the skin from harmful effect of chlorine at bay. Swimmers should use it before they go into water.

  • Non-toilet soaps

This kind of soap is used to clean heavy dirt. Non-toilet soaps can be good at removing tough stains and grease. They contains lithium salt of a fatty acid so they are known as lithium soaps too .Non-toilet soaps are made of lithium  soap and oil .This kind of soap is used as a lubricating agent .

  • Glycerin soaps

They the most moisturizing soap .They are suitable for sensitive skins because they are gentle to the skin .They can be used for any kind of skin. They can make skin healthier and also moisturized.

Glycerin soap is usually contains of natural substances so they are good for any kind of skin. Using common soap bars which contains synthetic chemicals can worsen skin condition especially for those who have sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin always complain about soap bar which hurt their skin because they are too rough to be used, so using glycerin soap can be a solution for them. If you have some serious skin problem such as psoriasis or eczema, you can use glycerin soap with no worry. Glycerin is a humectant(substance which can attract moisture) ,as a result, not only can moisten your skin but will affect your skin in a way that moisture will locked in .By using glycerin soap your skin will stay hydrated for several hours so it looks fresh and young. This soap makes your skin soft and it will feel suppler too.


  • Transparent soaps

This kind of soap is so clear that you can see other things through it. The process of making transparent soap is quite different than other soaps. For making transparent soap, raw materials mix in a hot alcohol solution instead of water. Through this process, some particles that remained undissolved, will filtered out as a result the soap will be transparent. The process of filtering the undissolved particle during transparent soap manufacturing should be done carefully because unlike the regular soaps, particles in transparent soap cannot be hidden in an opaque mass. Through the process of distillation, the alcohol content which is used for mixing material will be separated, when the residue left behind can be formed as a solid mass. The product is so hard so they lather with difficulty. Although they aren’t so moisturizing like opaque soap, but they are suitable for oily skin and acne. This effectiveness is the result of neutralizing the soap during the manufacturing process. Transparent soap is slippery and also they can be shaved into a lot of shapes.


Soaps can be categorized based on their form:


  • Hand-made soaps

Making hand-made soap can be cheaper than buying soaps from super market. They can be made in small batches .The ingredients of hand-made soap are natural substances such as base oils like palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil and Shea butter. This kind of soap is real because it contains only natural ingredients. These ingredients are full of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins so it can be helpful for skin health. Using hand-made soap won’t have any harm for your skin, because of its natural ingredients. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  • Bar soaps

Bar soap is a general term which is used for all types of soap in the form of bars. Beauty soaps, bathing soaps and laundry soap can be mentioned as bar soap.


  • Liquid soaps

This kind of soap is manufactured in liquid. They can have a variety of use. They can be used for body wash, hand wash, dishwashing and surface cleaning.



Below, we will look at different types of soap that are classified because of their component:

  • Milk soaps

If you want a gentle and soft soap, you need to buy milk soap. It is suitable for sensitive skin. The main ingredients in milk soap, as the name indicates, are milk. Milk soap can nourish skin. They are smooth and slippery.After using milk soap, your skin will be softer and smoother .They can be made by different milk, but goat milks are more common. They are so gentle to skin that are recommended for using on infant skin. Using common soaps which contains synthetic chemical ingredients will irritate infant’s skin but using milk soap will clean a baby’s skins gently and smoothly.


  • Flavored soaps

This kind of soap is made from extracts of herb and plants. They can be categorized based on the flavors such as peppermint, seaweed, vanilla, lemongrass, tea tree. Using flavored soap will leave a good smell and also refreshing feeling on your skin. They are made for specific skins that are in a special condition.

  • Animal soaps

These kinds of soaps have some ingredients which are extracted from animal body such as their fat. For using animal fat, they should be burnt into oil.Sodium tallowate is a major ingredient of animal soaps. Moreover, animal soap is a combination of animal tallow and oil.

  • Luxury soaps

As the name indicates, they contain some luxury ingredients such as sandalwood, almonds and chocolate. Each of them has some special benefit for tour skin. They are made from premium ingredients so they cost more to buy. Although they are more expensive than other types of soaps but they have natural ingredients which are beneficial for skin.


  • Perfumed soaps

These are soaps that have pleasant fragrances .Although the regular soaps have mild fragrances, perfumed soaps have a high smell that they can be used in spas and salons as an aromatherapy factor .It is suitable for people who seek fresh-smelling scent from soap.

Based on the way they are manufactured:

Below, we will look at some method by which soaps can be manufactured. They are different from each other, each of them is a unique way of manufacturing soap .

  • Melt and pour method

This way of producing soap is a simple and lye-free so that you can use it to make soap even at your home. The only thing you need to make soap with this method is a premade soap base. At first, you need to melt the soap base until it totally liquefies. Then, add the dye you want. You can add ingredients like herbs, essential oils and nutrients .After that, you need to mix all of them in the melted soap base. Choose a mold, pour the mixture into it. It will be dried and hardened, wait until that time.

  • Hot press method and cold press method

Both hot press and cold method need basic ingredients so soap can be produced from scratch. By using this method, you will have the purest soaps. During the process of saponification, you need to a\ lye and water. The difference between hot press and cold press is that, for hot press method, you need exact amount of lye for making soap but in the cold press you don’t. The hot press method is easier and takes less time .Making soap with cold press method will produce a good-looking soap versus the hot press method in which soap will be ugly in shape .Laundry soaps are made with hot press method .In the cold press method ,soap makers spend enough time to produce beautiful soaps.


  • Rebatching or milling method

Rebatching or milling method is a way of producing soap through which ,soap makers rework soaps that have already been made.at first, pre-made soaps will be shredded. Then, they will be melted into fresh soaps.

Each method that we discussed above has its own pros and cons. The production of each method varies in quality and aesthetics.

















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